If you’re South Asian, you may already be familiar with Parachute’s products.  They come in a little blue bottle, and these are the folks who make coconut oil for your hair.  Well, what you may not know is that they have a whole line of body and skin care products, infused with traditional ingredients like saffron, turmeric and coconut.  Upon reader’s request, I checked out Parachute Body Lotion and was pretty pleased. Simple, non-greasy and light, it glides over skin and infuses moisture with a coconut scent that reminds you of being on vacation.

Pros: Very moisturizing, lightweight, non-greasy and hypo-allergenic.  It doesn’t feel too creamy or heavy to the touch. The packaging is sleek too!

Cons: Because Parachute is an Indian brand, it’s not available in drug stores in the US.  Look for it online at the Parachute Hair Care site (not a very smart name for a site featuring body lotion) , because its a body care product rather than the traditional hair products. So, while it’s a pretty good product, it’s not the easiest to get ahold of if you’re stateside, and there are other products that are equally solid that you can probably find at your local CVS.  Either way, happy moisturizing!

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