Greetings, beauty lovers, from Sedona, AZ! I’m on vacation in one of the greatest spa cities in the entire world, hiking like crazy all day followed by much needed hot tubbing and body pampering.  One thing I’ve been thinking about here is that the desert climate has a really unique impact on skin.  Summer & warm weather in general require something extra in the way of skin care, but being in a dry, arid climate year round means its VERY easy for skin to become leathery and thirsty.

The obvious solution is to drink tons and tons and tons of water.  Seriously, no joke, it has a dramatic impact on skin by hydrating everything (duh) and releasing toxins.  The next thing you should do is MOISTURIZE.  It should be clear that in a bright, sunny climate your moisturizer needs to include SPF protection, but beyond that, you’re looking for something that’s super emollient.  These are not necessarily “medicated” creams, but creams that are both hydrating and soothing, which usually means they are infused with natural ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal, jojoba, shea, etc and have lower concentrations of parabens and chemicals.  They also tend to be thicker in consistency and absorb faster.

Here are my recommendations for emollient creams to nourish your skin in desert climates:

Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturize Repair Cream: easily found in drug stores everywhere and a trusted name in high quality affordable skin care, Aveeno makes both a cream and a lotion in this category that is designed to provide light itch relief and all-over deep moisturizer.

Mario Badescu Hydro-Emollient Cream: a bit of a splurge, and NOT a certified organic product, but I like it because they market it as “flight cream” that’s designed to deliver moisture when one is stuck in a “dehydrating climate”, such as an airplane or, ya know…the desert.

Nivea’s Essentially Enriched Lotion: infused with almond oil, this product absorbs almost immediately to immediately pump up the hydration.  The original Nivea was chock full of miscellaneous mineral oils and their lotions have never failed to deliver on combating dry, rough skin.  Drawback as you can imagine is that it can feel a bit greasy, which a lot of people are really put off by, but if absorbs so fast you won’t know it.

Alba Botanical’s Very Emollient Body Lotion: lightweight, non-greasy and super moisturizing, this unscented body lotion is excellent in the driest of climates.  Alba is a trustworthy name for organic and natural products, and this lotion is no exception.  It’s formula isn’t especially unique; chamomile & aloe are longtime lotion ingredients, but with the addition of green tea and anti-oxidants, its not only moisturizing but soothing and therapeutic–hence the term: emollient!

As I’m out in the desert this week, I am moisturizing like crazy with the resort’s very own jojoba moisturizing lotion.  But, when it gets too hot or dry, I just jump in the pool with the dramatic red rock backdrop and count my blessings :) Life can be good.