Covergirl has some brilliant marketing, folks.  The brand that has always presented itself as runway beauty for the bargain buyer now has a feature on the website designed explicitly to match your department store shade–pretty boss, huh?  Yes, that’s right.  I said “boss”.  You know you agree.

Match Your Department Store Shade is compatible with all of the major make-up lines including (but not limited to!) Nars, MAC, Benefit & Bobbi Brown.  You select the brand you’d like to match, and then the product (lipstick, foundation, powder, etc) and then choose the shade you currently use.  The shade-matcher does its magic and spits out anywhere from one to three choices of Covergirl products in the same shade for half the price!

Now you see what I mean by pretty boss, don’t you? Of course, let’s not be fooled into thinking that all make-up is created equal–while matching a shade and saving money is excellent news indeed, if you’re interested in organic, paraben-free cosmetics, Covergirl is not your brand.  Additionally, some brands, like MAC, are known to stay put all day, and Covergirl cannot compare even when you use a primer.  So be aware of what trade offs you may be making if you want to switch brands, but also know your goal–if you’re just looking for simple everyday coverage at work, why not go with a cheaper line, and then keep some of the fancy stuff on hand for those big nights out?  There’s no such thing as too much make up, right??

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