Brown girls, forgive me for neglecting you all.  I have much to share with you though, beginning with FEET!

Summer is the time when our toes come out to play, but most of us can’t have a pedicure every week.  So, we need to engage in healthy summer foot care.  That means dealing with greater exposure to elements (your feet aren’t hiding in socks and sneakers in the summer), as well as increased moisture (that means sweat, girls) and of course, sun damage.

Pretty brown feet deserve your love :)

Here are my recommendations for affordable summer foot care:

Fight odor and scuff off dead skin cells with Earth Therapeutics Cooling Foot Scrub.  This is an excellent product which invigorates, cleans and works to protect feet from getting smelly with the summer heat.  There’s no need to use it every day because you don’t want to over-exfoliate, so, in between….

Spritz on some Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray from The Body Shop.  This stuff is an excellent deodorizer and it cools and comforts hot, tired feet.  You can splash it on daily, or even multiple times a day for a jolt of freshness!

And for those hot days when you’re stuck wearing closed toed shoes or socks and sneakers, sprinkle on some T for Toes Foot Powder from Lush, which absorbs moisture, odor and bacteria.  This is great in the winter too, if you’re just prone to sweaty feet, but especially in the summer when we all sweat a little.

Don’t forget, when you’re out in that hot sun, be sure to apply sunblock to your feet!  Your regular sunblock should work fine, but I’d recommend a spray on because they tend to be less greasy.

And it should go without saying ladies, but when you shower, you should be washing your feet and then drying them carefully.  Excess moisture between the toes are excellent places for bacteria to build up on hot summer days, and can increase odor and discomfort, for yourself, and everybody who’s sitting next to you on a crowded train :)

Have you own thoughts on good foot care?  Product recs?  Send ‘em my way!

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