The provocative title of this post is not meant to be misleading-we are indeed going to discuss the ins and outs of nude.  Lips that is.

The Age of Nude

The Age of Nude

Some time ago, pop culture gurus decided that when wearing make up, one should not appear as if one is wearing make up, ushering in something I’ve dubbed “The Age of Nude”.

The effect is particularly prevalent in lip and eye colors, with women wearing the subtlest shades that offer merely a kiss of highlight.  This trend has stood the test of time, with almost every major cosmetics line carrying some form of nude or natural lip color that blends right in to what you’ve already got.

So, what is nude for brown?  Nude is NOT your typical shades of peach and apricot.  Colors like this will make us look washed out, as if your lips were drained of color while your face wasn’t.  Nude lip color is intended to appear natural in color while making your lips appear supple and even toned.  It is not meant to be overly glossy or bright-subtlety is key.  Nude for us is probably more like light sand, beige, mauve, or even very pale pink.  These shades will blend well with our natural lip color to create a very natural nude look.

I return to my general make up mantra: know your shade.  Dark skinned ladies are more heavily pigmented than Caucasians, and this goes for lips and everything else.

Take a good look at your lips in the mirror, first thing in the morning before you’ve eaten.  What color are they? I find that my natural lip color is much closer to mauve than what is traditionally thought of as nude.  I also find mauve base shades with a soft layer of apricot or even pink can offer a nude highlight effect.

To find the right nude for your lips, experiment with different base shades and mix and match.  A great trick of the trade is to use eyeshadow and lip balm as make shift lipstick.  Use your index finger to spread a thin layer of eyeshadow on your lips and top it off with a clear lip balm to seal and gloss it.  This allows you to mix and match your lip and eye colors to create the desired effect, nude or otherwise!

My lines for nude lips? Revlon Matte Lipstick in Cocoa Craving.

What are you waiting for? Go nude!